Save Your Settingswith Search Protect

Search Protect is a free desktop application that saves your preferred browser's homepage and default search settings so that they can't be changed by software you download from the Internet. Search Protect may alert you if a third party attempts to change your browser's default search or homepage settings.

When you set your browser's settings using Search Protect, they will be saved automatically on Chrome™, Firefox®, and Internet Explorer®. Located on your desktop's taskbar for each access, Search Protect lets you manage your Internet browser's default homepage and search settings at any time by clicking the “Settings” link in the Search Protect dialogue box accessed via the System Tray or by going to the Tools/Settings/Options tab on your Browser.

Search Protect will change the following browser and/or search settings:

  • Chrome™: Home page, startup page, address bar (omnibox), error page, and new tab.
  • Firefox®: Search box, home page, error page, address bar, and new tab.
  • Internet Explorer®: Default search, home page, error page, address bar, and new tab.

Search Provider

Please note that the search provider for these browser settings may be changed without any additional notification to you.

Uninstall and Change of Settings

You can uninstall Search Protect at any time by using the standard uninstall process that is available as part of your operating system (for example, in Microsoft Windows® go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features).You can change your settings by going to the Tools/Settings/Options tab on your browser.

Why Search Protect?
  • Saves your browser's default homepage, new tab and search settings
  • Convenient and easy to use and access
  • Compliant with Chrome™, Firefox® and Internet Explorer®

We're improving Search Protect all the time, so stay tuned for more great features.