Conduits give people access to the resources they need and the connections they crave—whether they’re built out of concrete, copper, or code. This idea has guided us on our journey of innovation since our founding in 2005. And while our technology keeps evolving, our mission has stayed the same: to give businesses the solutions they need to build powerful bonds with their customers by offering experiences that are valuable and engaging.

When we got started, Internet users were looking for ways to stay in touch with the things they cared about while surfing the web. We were among the first to realize the enormous win-win potential of customizable, cloud-based technology—for brands, to strengthen connections with their audiences; and for their customers, to enjoy enhanced, personalized browsing experiences. It turns out that we were on to something: With a network of more than 250 million engaged users, we became Israel’s first billion-dollar Internet company.

But we didn’t stop there. In the early days of the mobile revolution, we predicted that smartphones and tablets would become the most effective conduits yet for fostering customer loyalty—and we set out to prove ourselves right. In 2010, we founded Como (originally Conduit Mobile), the award-winning do-it-yourself mobile app solution that empowers small businesses to build the lasting relationships they need for lasting success. Today, Como powers more than one million apps around the globe—because in the mobile age, the best conduit of all fits right in your customer’s pocket.

I invite you to explore Como for yourself and start your journey to success.