Get the Complete Toolset for Growing Customer Loyalty and Spend

Hello, and thanks for visiting Conduit! We’ve been empowering businesses to engage their customers since 2005. In fact, our visionary, cloud-based approach helped us become Israel’s first billion-dollar internet company. Today, we’re known as Como (formerly Conduit Mobile).


We are proud to offer Como Sense, the leading end-to-end customer engagement solution for small and midsize retail and hospitality chains. Businesses with Como Sense inside their POS have shown a 48% increase in purchase frequency, and a 41% jump in monthly purchase amounts.

Como Sense provides the essential tools you need to bring customers back and grow your business, including a customized mobile app, flexible loyalty programs, actionable business insights, and multichannel communication.

If you want to bring your retail or restaurant business into the digital age, right alongside the world’s biggest chains, then I hope you’ll visit Como and get started now. I look forward to seeing you with us.


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